Custom your Wedding Videos

So many brides are afraid that their wedding video wont be 100% of their liking. If you are one of those brides that likes to have absolutely everything under control. It is very probable that even if the work of each vendor is delivered with body and soul, there will always be something you want to modify so you can be completely satisfied with the party of your dreams. Take the risk and collaborate with the vendors and bring them your best ideas on mind.

Custom your wedding video

Talking about the Wedding Video, the videographers and the editors in Dreams Gate Films follow every quality standard, each specification in the contract, they work with passion and leave a peace of their soul to make your wedding video the one you ever dreamed and in every anniversary you want to watch and share with your whole family to relieve the magic moments.

However, it can be some some details you want to change. In Dreams Gate Films you can feel in confidence to custom your wedding video with the frames you love the most. May be you want the song you can remember the way you fall in love with your groom. Our goal is you to to keep in your heart every feeling and relieve the moments with your wedding video.

Vanessa & Eduardo

We loved to be part of Vanessa and Eduardo wedding. The enthusiasm of both was very contagious and they love also to be part of our work trying to propose the song and some frames they love the most. Thank you very much for you effort and dedication. You have our heart in this video, we hope you enjoy it every anniversary for the rest of your lives.

This is the 2 edition we made for this couple. Both of them, a master peace!



Take the risk to let your creativity fly, teamwork brings always the best results!


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