How to find the best wedding videographer?

 How to find my best wedding videographer?

Once you decided to hire a wedding videographer, there is somethings you have to keep in mind to pick your best choice.
Use this tips to help you to find the best wedding videographer that match with your style.

Ask for demos

Seek out reviews and take a look on their portfolio. You cant hire someone you don´t know his work.
Ask for a wedding similar as yours. Maybe in the same location or the topic. So you can imagine a little how is going to looks like.
Visit their website, there you can find a gallery or a portfolio, it can be very useful

How to find the best wedding videographer?

Be sure of what you want!

You cant visit any wedding videographer just with the idea that you want a wedding video. You must know what kind of video. Don´t worry, he is the profesional and he will guide you to the best choice for you.
Make a list with your groom with the songs you want, your best angles, the family members you want to film the most. It can help to your videographer to bring you the best memories.


This is one of the most important things you have to take care. Remembering that most videos require several days of skilled labour with expensive equipment, you can see why good video production costs a lot.
Wedding videographers typically offer packages, although a few do offer ala carte services. Costs will vary based on length of coverage, number of cameras, and if you want to have a drome shot.
Also you have to invest about the transportation and viatics your vendors needs. Prevent any extra charge.
You have to be sure of the Budget you have for this so there wont be any surprise!


After all, they’ll be following you around on your wedding day. So, you need to feel at ease with your videographer. If you can, take your time to meet him before your wedding


If you love your wedding video, share your experience with other couples by posting a review and offering to sing on as a reference. You will help a lot!

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