5 things you must have in your Wedding day

We have been in so many weddings and we have become experts in details that can make your ceremony an unforgettable moment. It is like preparing the suitcase for a long trip, there is always something we forget!

We want to share to you a few tips to transform your wedding into a dream party.

Details for the guests.

Many of them can be family that traveled from far to be with you in the most important day of your life. Take a moment to deliver to your guests something with which they can remember this date with much affection. No matter what the detail is, everyone will love it.

Details for guest can personalize your wedding day

Comfortable shoes.

Everything is glitz and glamour until the time comes where you cant stand your heels any more. In place to finish barefoot and drag the dress, wear comfortable sandals or flats. To avoid dragging the dress, take a few bucks, so you avoid getting dirty so much.

Dont forget about your guests, you can offer slippers or sandals. It is an excellent option to customize the party.
Everyone to the dance floor!

Wedding Video and photography.

Forget about asking your family and friends to send you the photos they took on your wedding with their cell phones. Your cousin who just bought a DSLR is not a option neither. In addition of that, invest in the memories of the most important day of your life: a wedding video.
In Dreams Gate Films you can find the same inspiration and passion you put in the organization in your wedding.
Every videographer has their own style, you have to to take a look of their portfolios and choose the one you love the most.

How will you like to remember everything? As bride and groom you cant be aware of everything that happen in your wedding, you will miss some moments because you will be so busy with other things. Your memory will serve as your only source aside from pictures, but how will you remember movement and sounds?


Wedding video of a hindu wedding in Cancun

 May be at fist time you may not think about a videographer but after the wedding day you will be desperate to watch your video again and again!

Music, the life and soul of the party.

This is a very importan part of the night! Take your time to choose the perfect Dj that match with your wishes.
Make a list with your groom with all the songs you cant miss. Your 1st dance, the balls with your dad, the groom with his mom, the show with your bestman and bridesmaid and the song that is going to start the party. All this songs are really important, be sure your Dj has all the playlist you need.

Be always smiling!

This is is the most important, special and happiest day you your lives! You are getting married with the love of your life.
You and your groom has to have the best attitude and has to bring attention to all your guest. They has to feel welcome and confortable in your ceremony and party.
All of you has to enjoy, dance and spread love every moment of the wedding.

Also, you have to share with your grandchildren the pictures and wedding video and photography with the best smile you have. It will we easier for your videographers and photographers to capture lovely pictures of you.


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