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What About Me?
Luis Armando Paredes


Proudly Mexican, I have been living in Cancun for more than 22 years, falling in love with the scenarios that continue to inspire me. With more than 17 years doing what I love most, I am thankful for my experience with great, signature wedding filmmakers who I now consider my brothers as they trusted me to work the productions of their weddings.

My name is Luis Paredes, father of two, eternally in love with love and dedicated 100% to wedding cinematography growing each day to become a wedding expert, dedicated to highlighting the most beautiful essence of your wedding day.

My dream is to connect with your soul and heart, grasping within the emotions that are born there and tell your unique story in one of the most important days of your life. Our training and passion for narrating stories allows us to add a cinematic touch to the images of your wedding day.

I invite you to see a little of the romance in the life of my clients-now friends-and of course my passion, my work. I am sure that many of the things that you will discover in this page will rekindle the love you feel for your special someone, highlight the reasons you want to marry that person and discover that you can fall in love with your soulmate many times.