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“Happy is the man who finds a true friend, and far happier is he who finds that true friend in his wife.”
-Franz Schubert

We had the pleasure to do the wedding video the beautiful Jaclyn and the young José. This couple just melted our heart with the way they look into the eyes, the pasion they kiss and the softness to talk to each other.

This is just a taste of what we filmed that magic night.

If you also want to be seen like the start of your own love story don’t think to much and contact us.

We have more than 17 years of experience of wedding videography and hundreds of couples that recognize the best high quality on aquipment and edition. Every event getting better for you.

Jaclyn and Jose wedding

Why Beach Wedding?

There are thousands types of weddings, religious ceremony, symbolic, civil, formal, informal, cruise wedding, eloping, group wedding, etcetera.
Each type has its own charm and every couple has different opinion. The thing we cant hide is that the Destinations Weddings  are very popular thanks for their fresh and relaxing atmosphere.

Why couples are choosing a beach wedding?

Exotic. relaxing and intimate. Beach wedding are getting stronger because of their nature beauty that doesn’t need extra decoration.

It’s very romantic!

One of the most obvious reasons to have a beach wedding is the romantic setting. White sand, soft waves, Caribbean breeze and the russet hues of a sunset brightening your cheeks.
Of course, be sure you hire the best beach wedding photographers and videographers, they know how to take advantage of the beauty of your natural surroundings.
It sounds like the perfect frame for the most important day of your lives, isn’t it?

beach wedding dreams gate films sunset


Another good thing about beach wedding is that you only invite who you have closer or you are in regular touch. You don’t have to invite relatives you have never seen before.
The people you’re closest with will make the journey, and you’ll end up with a tighter group of people that you actually want to spend time with.
And of course, you save that money of those people’s catering to something else.

Wedding and HoneyMoon.

I don’t believe it could exist something better than having your wedding ceremony and your honeymoon at the same place!
The benefits of having an casual, confortable and elegant wedding over the beach is that you can also enjoy the 5 stars hotel with your closest friends and family.
Trust me, you will love the all-inclusive package that enables you to combine the marriage ceremony with the honeymoon. Beach wedding dreams gate films

So, what do you prefer? Beach Wedding, yes or no? Leave me your opinion in the comments!

Beach wedding with Karla & Luis.

? Tropical gateways and LOVE ?

The Riviera Maya is on the top of the most beautiful and spectacular frames for romantic and fresh beach weddings.
The stunning turquoise sea, great weather, mystic culture, intimate landscapes and dazzling sunsets among many other reasons.

Karla and Luis knew it. That is why the travel from the north of México and decided to promise eternal love in Playa del Secreto, Quintana Roo.
What stands out especially of its surroundings is a great tranquility and wild purity.

This is the love story of two young and dreamer hearts that fell in love so many years ago.
They overcame difficulties but here they are, in front of the altar, looking into the eyes and saying yes. With their parents, family and their baby boy.

Thank you very much to this couple and their families, we felt so warm being part of this lovely beach wedding.

The more important thing for us is capturing the essence of the human spirit in a flow of movement. In Dreams Gate Films we love to be part if histories like this, because our passion is to tell stories. In beach weddings like this is not hard to highlight beautiful parts of the most important day of a couple.


5 things you must have in your Wedding day

We have been in so many weddings and we have become experts in details that can make your ceremony an unforgettable moment. It is like preparing the suitcase for a long trip, there is always something we forget!

We want to share to you a few tips to transform your wedding into a dream party.

Details for the guests.

Many of them can be family that traveled from far to be with you in the most important day of your life. Take a moment to deliver to your guests something with which they can remember this date with much affection. No matter what the detail is, everyone will love it.

Details for guest can personalize your wedding day

Comfortable shoes.

Everything is glitz and glamour until the time comes where you cant stand your heels any more. In place to finish barefoot and drag the dress, wear comfortable sandals or flats. To avoid dragging the dress, take a few bucks, so you avoid getting dirty so much.

Dont forget about your guests, you can offer slippers or sandals. It is an excellent option to customize the party.
Everyone to the dance floor!

Wedding Video and photography.

Forget about asking your family and friends to send you the photos they took on your wedding with their cell phones. Your cousin who just bought a DSLR is not a option neither. In addition of that, invest in the memories of the most important day of your life: a wedding video.
In Dreams Gate Films you can find the same inspiration and passion you put in the organization in your wedding.
Every videographer has their own style, you have to to take a look of their portfolios and choose the one you love the most.

How will you like to remember everything? As bride and groom you cant be aware of everything that happen in your wedding, you will miss some moments because you will be so busy with other things. Your memory will serve as your only source aside from pictures, but how will you remember movement and sounds?


Wedding video of a hindu wedding in Cancun

 May be at fist time you may not think about a videographer but after the wedding day you will be desperate to watch your video again and again!

Music, the life and soul of the party.

This is a very importan part of the night! Take your time to choose the perfect Dj that match with your wishes.
Make a list with your groom with all the songs you cant miss. Your 1st dance, the balls with your dad, the groom with his mom, the show with your bestman and bridesmaid and the song that is going to start the party. All this songs are really important, be sure your Dj has all the playlist you need.

Be always smiling!

This is is the most important, special and happiest day you your lives! You are getting married with the love of your life.
You and your groom has to have the best attitude and has to bring attention to all your guest. They has to feel welcome and confortable in your ceremony and party.
All of you has to enjoy, dance and spread love every moment of the wedding.

Also, you have to share with your grandchildren the pictures and wedding video and photography with the best smile you have. It will we easier for your videographers and photographers to capture lovely pictures of you.


Love story at Xcaret, Riviera Maya

We all know that Xcaret is a place full of nature, magic, mysticism and Mexican tradition. This is why it’s a perfect destination wedding.

We are exited to share with you this refined wedding of Stephany and Pablo. You will love the results!

The wonderful scene when the couple had their first meet before the ceremony at the Bridal Bow was unique and very emotive.

First meet at Bridal Bow, Xcaret. - Dreams Gate Films. Wedding Videography

Xcaret’s Guadalupe Chapel

The ceremony was a Catholic mass at Xcaret’s Guadalupe Chapel. An spectacular rustic countryside chapel with several images dedicated to Our Lady of Guadalupe.

We all tried to contain the tears when at the end of the ceremony, Stephany surprised her groom singing inside the Chapel.

After the ceremony there was time for a fiesta!

So much fun, dance and party took place at “Las Pozas”. The rain didn’t stop the guest, everybody was laughing, drinking and proposing eternal health and love to the couple.
The celebration continued until dawn.

In Dreams Gate Films we are very proud to share with you the highlights video from the wedding.


No doubt this is one of our favorite wedding destination.
Thank you again to the couple and Leslie Orozco from S.O.S. Wedding Planners for trusting us once again. It is always a pleasure to collaborate with you.

How to find the best wedding videographer?

 How to find my best wedding videographer?

Once you decided to hire a wedding videographer, there is somethings you have to keep in mind to pick your best choice.
Use this tips to help you to find the best wedding videographer that match with your style.

Ask for demos

Seek out reviews and take a look on their portfolio. You cant hire someone you don´t know his work.
Ask for a wedding similar as yours. Maybe in the same location or the topic. So you can imagine a little how is going to looks like.
Visit their website, there you can find a gallery or a portfolio, it can be very useful

How to find the best wedding videographer?

Be sure of what you want!

You cant visit any wedding videographer just with the idea that you want a wedding video. You must know what kind of video. Don´t worry, he is the profesional and he will guide you to the best choice for you.
Make a list with your groom with the songs you want, your best angles, the family members you want to film the most. It can help to your videographer to bring you the best memories.


This is one of the most important things you have to take care. Remembering that most videos require several days of skilled labour with expensive equipment, you can see why good video production costs a lot.
Wedding videographers typically offer packages, although a few do offer ala carte services. Costs will vary based on length of coverage, number of cameras, and if you want to have a drome shot.
Also you have to invest about the transportation and viatics your vendors needs. Prevent any extra charge.
You have to be sure of the Budget you have for this so there wont be any surprise!


After all, they’ll be following you around on your wedding day. So, you need to feel at ease with your videographer. If you can, take your time to meet him before your wedding


If you love your wedding video, share your experience with other couples by posting a review and offering to sing on as a reference. You will help a lot!

Custom your Wedding Videos

So many brides are afraid that their wedding video wont be 100% of their liking. If you are one of those brides that likes to have absolutely everything under control. It is very probable that even if the work of each vendor is delivered with body and soul, there will always be something you want to modify so you can be completely satisfied with the party of your dreams. Take the risk and collaborate with the vendors and bring them your best ideas on mind.

Custom your wedding video

Talking about the Wedding Video, the videographers and the editors in Dreams Gate Films follow every quality standard, each specification in the contract, they work with passion and leave a peace of their soul to make your wedding video the one you ever dreamed and in every anniversary you want to watch and share with your whole family to relieve the magic moments.

However, it can be some some details you want to change. In Dreams Gate Films you can feel in confidence to custom your wedding video with the frames you love the most. May be you want the song you can remember the way you fall in love with your groom. Our goal is you to to keep in your heart every feeling and relieve the moments with your wedding video.

Vanessa & Eduardo

We loved to be part of Vanessa and Eduardo wedding. The enthusiasm of both was very contagious and they love also to be part of our work trying to propose the song and some frames they love the most. Thank you very much for you effort and dedication. You have our heart in this video, we hope you enjoy it every anniversary for the rest of your lives.

This is the 2 edition we made for this couple. Both of them, a master peace!



Take the risk to let your creativity fly, teamwork brings always the best results!


Villa del Palmar, the best destination wedding.

Villa del Palmar Cancun is poised to deliver the vacation of a lifetime and to offer guests the chance to experience first hand the tropical wonders of the Caribbean as well as the delights of Mexico. This is why Villa del Palmar is one of the most important destination wedding in all over the Caribbean.

All over the world, people know Cancun by its amazing white sand beaches and it is also the most romantic frame for a beach wedding. Thats why more and more couples decided to apply Cancun as their destination wedding.

The way he looks at her as she’s walking down the aisle in white; the sparkle in the eyes of her mom as she helps her put the final touches in the hair; that smile of nostalgia and happiness of the family; the story of how he fell in love the moment he saw her. This is why we love to film weddings in Dreams Gate Films. This is why we love our job.

Amanda & Jesse wedding day

This time, we had the pleasure to be with Amanda and Jesse in their wedding day. The weather didn’t stop anybody to have a great time. Cancun is one of the unique attractions it doesn’t matter what happen, is a promise you will have the best frames and memories in your heart.

This peaceful, lovely and emotive ceremony will stole your heart, all the family together, friends having fun and everybody witnesses of this eternal love story.

Thanks to Karyan Peña, an energetic and original wedding planner exclusive from Villas del Palmar. Is always remarkable great to work with you!

“Love isn’t always perfect, it isn’t a fairy tale or storybook and it doesn’t always come easy. Love is overcoming obstacles, facing challenges, fighting to be together, holding on and never letting go. It is a short Word easy to spell, difficult to define and imposible to live without. But most of all, love is realizing that every hour, every second, was worth ir because you did it together.”

Amanda and Jesse wedding video at Villa del Palmar

Amanda and Jesse wedding video at Villa del Palmar

Wedding videography at Bacalar.

“Here we are, 7 years since we hace meet. After many laughs and incredible moments. God bless us and keep us together and besides all the people that also love us. I love you forever.”

Highlights Wedding Alejandra & Julian.

Sparkling white sand, crystal-clear lake, small population, quiet downtown, magnific sunset. This is Bacalar, a small town at south Quintana Roo, Mexico.
This lake side offer a perfect spot for a unforgettable wedding ceremony like the one we are sharing today. We captured the magic of Alejandra and Julian ceremony and wedding party.
Amazing view, beautiful couple, glamour and so much love.

In Dreams Gate Films our passion is to capture the most special moments of the bride and groom, the friends and family in the most amazing destination wedding all over the Riviera Maya.
Equipped with the best technology to tell your story with every special moment since the getting ready, ceremony and party.

We couldn’t miss the spectacular landscape so in this occasion we used a drone over the “Lake of the Seven Colors”. Very pleased with the final work and hopping you also love it.

We are very glad to film the most important day of your lives and give you this wedding videography full of passion, faces and emotive moments.
Also, thank you very much to Freddy Ku who invited us to collaborate and be part of this love story. 

“Here we are in the adventure of our lives , full of emotions, declaring how a magic moment can decided the direction of our way. It all began with a kiss and now we are here, sharing our lives. I choose you to be nothing but yourself. Loving always what I know about you and trusting in what you will become over the time. Loving our love.”

Highlights Jessica & Matt

Scott twins on Jessica & Matt wedding

The most popular twins on television thanks  to the program “Property brothers” are enjoying their holidays from the tv but the could not scape from our cameras and we captured celebrating in our beautiful beaches of Moon Palace Cancun!

Wait for more content coming soon!



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